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P5 at the World Championship of 2019 ! ?? Neither satisfied or dissatisfied… Not a bad ride but not a good one either. Still happy made it to the Final. Thanks to all my sponsors making this season possible!! @altairengineering @hestragloves @crcauto @stayinplace @fysikengbg And big thanks to team Sweden (Mats, Tobias & Joacim) for supporting me!! Photo by @leozhukovphoto #uci #uciworldchampionship #urbangames #uciurbangames #chengdu2019 #chengdu #china #worldchampionship @swecycling @postnordsvergie @gpsporten @svtsport @hopetech @swedense @norrahalland @bikemag #masthugget #göteborg #swedishrider @kungsbackaposten @goteborgsposten #ucitrial #ucitrials #neverstopimproving #nevergiveup #keepimproving #alwaysaimingformore #neversatisfied

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P5 in the Final of the last World Cup of 2019. Riding competitions becomes more and more interesting. A couple of years ago I really hated to compete, I was so bad at it and I got extremely nervous and was not able to perform on the same level during comp as during training. Not even close. Still, the biggest challengers is not the obstacles nor the opponents. It is me, myself and I. Every rider of course have to deal with themselves ??, but for me this is the main reason to why I’m competing. I want to learn more, and want to become good at, something I’ve been really really bad at. Of course I wouldn’t do this if it wasn’t because I love Trials. But I get so much more out of a competition which hasn’t to do with Trial specifically. Therefore I always think it’s hard to summarise my feeling and thoughts here at IG after a competition. If I give it a try: Never 100% satisfied. ℹ️ Always aiming for more. ℹ️ Was looking forward to ride the Final! ✅ Enjoyed the race! ✅

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